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The TRDC is part of an expanding network of Research Data Centers located around the U.S.

What is an RDC?

A secure computing facility – a room – where qualified faculty, students, and researchers with approved projects can conduct statistical analysis of non-public microdata collected by the Census Bureau and other government agencies. We think of them like an iceberg – what you see from the Census Bureau publicly is a small percentage of the data that can be accessed through an RDC.

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What kind of research is conducted in an RDC?

A wide variety of research has been conducted across the RDC network.

The FSRDC network supports 290 projects, over 1,000 researchers and a growing list of federal agencies.

How do I access the data in an RDC?

A unique proposal process exists for accessing non-public Census data in the TRDC.

Where can I learn more?

More information on the FSRDC program can be found on its homepage. Other RDCs can be found on this list.