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The Research Data Center (RDC) is a secure computing environment providing access to restricted-use microdata from a variety of statistical agencies for approved research projects. See the list of available data. These data sets are not otherwise publicly available.


Nicole_Dalzell The Duke RDC lab allowed me the opportunity to work on an interdisciplinary project involving real, messy and sensitive data. A collaboration between statisticians and economists, I created a linked database that could be used by my collaborator in economics to explore the relationship between a federally funded audit program and energy efficiency in enterprises across the United States. This work allowed me to engage with an interdisciplinary team to solve a real data problem, gaining communication and teamwork skills as I created a data product that will be used to conduct deeper research into issues of energy efficiency.

– Nicole Dalzell, Assistant Teaching Professor of Statistics, Wake Forest University, Ph.D. Statistical Science, Duke University, 2017